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Diamond blade variables

Metal bond matrix The metal bond hardness determines the ability of the bond matrix to hold diamonds within the
segment. Life of the diamond blade is usually increased with hardness of its bond matrix. However the trade off is slower
cutting speed. Bonds are designated on their scales of hardness from Soft to Hard. There are dozens of variations and
classification schemes based on bond type. Using diamond blades with optimum bond hardness for the application is
important to acheive efficient and precision diamond sawing. Bond matrix that is too soft for the material being cut will
release diamond particles faster than needed, resulting in faster wear and shorter diamond blade life. On other hand bond
matrix that is too hard will result in much slower cutting speeds and require constant dressing to expose the next diamond
layer. As a rule of thumb, harder materials such as sapphire and alumna generally require softer bond whereas softer and
more brittle materials require harder bond.

Diamond grit size (mesh size) The Diamond grit size (mesh size) is generally selected depending on the speed you wish
to cut and surface finish desired. According to U.S. Standards, mesh designates the approximate number of sieve meshes
per inch. High mesh sizes mean fine grits, and low numbers indicate coarse grits. Diamond mesh size plays a major role in
determining the surface finish quality, smoothness, chipping level and material microstructure damage. Finer mesh size
diamonds such as 220 and 320 grits are much smaller in size than coarser diamond particles, which will give a very smooth
surface finish, with minimal amount of chipping on edges. Such mesh sizes are used for fine cutting of materials such as
LiNbO3, YVO4, GaAs, and optical materials. Coarser diamond particles such as 80 and 100 grits are normally used for fast
cutting / material removal of harder materials such as Silicon Carbide, Zirconium, AI2O3, other advanced ceramics and
high metallic content materials which do not usually require fine surface finish.

Diamond concentration It is the proportion and distribution of diamond particles. Selecting the right Diamond concentration
can be critical in optimizing the diamond sawing operation. Selecting Optimum Diamond concentration for your application
will depend on a large number of factors, such as material being cut, bond type, mesh size, cutting speed and coolants
being used. Optimum performance is achieved when the diamond tool manufacturers utilize their experience and analytical
capabilities to balance diamond concentration with other factors like metal bond type and mesh size.

Blade thickness The thinner the kerf of your diamond blade, faster the speed (RPM) your blade may run, less chipping
and less heat your blade generates. You will also obtain a smoother and higher quality finish. However care must be taken
to avoid blade deformation due to deeper cuts in hard material. Thin kerf diamond blades provide the following advantages,
though the trade off is shorter blade life.
  • Less loss of material
  • Minimum material deformation / Preserving true material micro structure
  • Less heat generation
  • Faster cutting speed
  • Less chipping
  • Better finish quality

What you need to know before selecting the correct diamond blade

  • Material Hardness
  • Density
  • Cutting Depth
  • Material Shape / Geometry
  • Machine RPM
  • Feed Rate
  • Coolant Used
  • Equipment Type / Condition
  • Material Holding Method
  • Operator Experience



We will maintain consistently high quality in performance and tool life by selecting most appropriate raw
materials, production methods and employing proven techniques. All our products will conform to applicable international safety standards.

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