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What is “MATRIX”

  • The word “matrix” is defined as “something that provides support or structure for growth and shapes development”
  • It comes from the Latin word for “womb” which itself was derived from the Latin word “mater” meaning mother and was the term for a female animal or parent plant used for breeding
  • Truly in line with the definition of the word “matrix”, stands for shaping development of the people involved, customers and the society through hard work, commitment and in perfect harmony with the environment


Our Vision

To be the most preferred supplier of Industrial/Construction Accessories in served markets offering superior value and consistently high levels of service to the customer through a sustainable and profitable business model.

The Driving TEAM

  • All team leaders come with solid background in the relevant industry
  • Expertise in Power Tool Accessories including Industrial Abrasives and Diamonds
  • Defined & developed highly successful product lines of Power Tool Accessories for a leading global Power Tool brand





We will maintain consistently high quality in performance and tool life by selecting most appropriate raw
materials, production methods and employing proven techniques. All our products will conform to applicable international safety standards.

Our Values

- Uncompromising
   Product Quality
- Simplicity
- Integrity and Honesty - Realistic

Client Testimonials

"We are extremely pleased to state that the special technology blades AX5021 of MATRIX that we used in this project turned
out to be the most economical and
productive of all Diamond blades we
used ever in the past"

Mr.B Keller

Dubai (Gen Supt.of a large Contracting Co.)


We believe in bringing out the best and the latest to our customers at most affordable price levels.